Modern gadgetry explosion trends in Kashmir

in Kashmir

Modern gadgetry explosion trends in Kashmir

Waheed Yaseen

Agence India Press

November 23, 2010

Srinagar: Despite hit hard by the conflict for the last twenty years or so, Kashmiris-youth in particular- haven't shied away from using modern communication gadgetry. Mobile phones or computer selling companies have found a good market in Kashmir as interest levels of the youngsters, over the years, have shown a considerable increase in using the gadgetry. Any latest arrival, regardless of the cost, in the market catches eye of youngsters, who waste no time in buying it. More often than not, youngsters can be seen glued to their computers or using their mobile for one purpose or other. The advent of internet facilities in the valley has contributed to ever so fast communication.


Mudasir Nazir, a doctor, attributes this boom to the urge of youngsters to remain abreast with the changing times in the global world.


"Kashmiri youngsters get fascinated by the new arrivals and have an unparalleled urge to use them. It seems it is our genes. They don't want to be lagging behind when it comes to use these gadgets," he said adding that by possessing modern means of communication youth want to make sure they are updated with what is happening around.


Possessing a new gadget, Mudasir believes, is a part of fashion statement in Kashmir as well.

"Guy with a latest mobile handset feels he is got the edge over others. This also makes them to go for these things," he told Agence India Press.


Life standards in Kashmir, over the years, have improved contributing to this trend.

"In Kashmir economic condition of people, in general, is very good. So it isn't difficult for them to buy these gadgets. Teenagers or guys in late twenties get good pocket from their parents making it easier for them to afford these gadgets," said Waseem Ahmad, a Post Graduate student in economics.


Modern gadgetry explosion, he said, has provided people with employment avenues as lots of shops, show rooms and other outlets have come up in last five years.

Signing up in social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and many others to remain engaged in the virtual world has added up to the urge to have these facilities. Youngsters remain cocooned to their rooms chatting with their virtual friends.


This, Mudasir Maqbool, a social worker, feels have affected social life of the people big time.

"Children hardly give time to their parents or sit with them. They remain engaged to their computers or mobiles chatting or googling things. It seems they are more concerned about their activities on the social networking sites," he said. (AIP)



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Modern gadgetry explosion trends in Kashmir

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