Indian colonial face in Kashmir

in Kashmir

Indian colonial face in Kashmir

 By Ghulam Mohyuddin wani

Indian democracy

India has let loose worst type of repression in Kashmir. Since 1947 they have occupied the land of Kashmir and tried to exploit them. It is ironical that they went to the UNO to seek a plebiscite for people of Kashmir. There are valid UN regulations that people of Kashmir under the control of UN forces so shall decide their fate democratically. Since then they have demanding the same right. Even UNO is insulted as its peace keeping forces are in both the parts of Kashmir. It is under their close gaze that children below the age of 15 years are gunned down in clod blood. The undemocratic rule in Kashmir by Indians and Pakistanis is a shame for the village of the day. Kashmir has never been a part of undivided India. The security forces of India who are fed on the budget of Kashmir and are supposed to provide protection to the people of kashmir who pay taxes to share the burden of their upkeep in fact kill them and are no way the forces of protection for but an occupation army to colonize and suppress the people of Kashmir. Here are few examples. Step 1 1947 It was a coincidence of independence movements of Kashmir and India which culminated in independence of both the nationalities simultaneously in 1947.The quite India movement was however high jacked by British in declaring two nationalities India and Pakistan on the eve of Independence. One can understand the partition of India on the parallels of division of PAKISTAN, SOMALIA. Yougoslovia and a number of other independent countries like Garmany,Vietnam,korea and the middle east. Even attempts are on to bifurcate USSAR erstwhile Muslim countires, Indonaesi, Afganistan, Iran and Turkey. The reader can imagine when the white evil can make divisions of the world on false pretexts now how could they have accommodated the twin independent nations India and Pakistan who they knew if united can be their economic ,scientific and arms competitors .To free them physically they invented a dispute to keep the two nationalities under their mental slavery They invented the dispute of kashmir a strategic state which has never been a part of India even when it was all Hindu or idol worshiping populace. It was and shall be an independent country of most intelegent,honest,just,secular and hardworking people who had gained prosperity through trade,agriculture,handicrafts and verity of economic persuits.Its silk,fruits,seeds,saffron,cashmere,woollens,handicrafts and seeds were exported to many countries around the world .The potent silk route was disturbed to have economic gains to west depriving USSAR,CHINA ,Afghanistan, India and Pakistan of cheap oil and gas resources of erstwhile USSAR,Iran,and Middle east. The cruelty met to the people has to be seen in this prospective. This is why an independent state of Kashmir was enslaved at gun point by Indian on behest of BRITIH.It seems ironical that UNO in is resolutions have decide to have a referendum in kashmir as back as 1949 and Russian exercised veto more than hundred times to keep it in absence as they having expands designs on the middle east and Muslim world via Afghanistan never risked it to West domination in Independent Kashmi.Thus Indian occupation of the Kashmir is in fact a notion incurved in their sick mentality by the white both of western and Russian origin. Here I prove that the suppression of Kashmir is a conspiracy of the west to keep its hedgmonism in the subcontinent alive and gain all economic benefits through patens. Lux soap sold in India o Pakistan made in these countries pay a royalty to the British or white empires even tody.Thus they are harvesting the fruits of our division. WHY CANNOT WE BE INDEPENDENT AND TOGETHER AS SARRAC .When evil can be united why not those who harbour spiritual truth. One point is certain God is one; idol worship is prohibited even in Vedas. The mocray of the fight lies in the realization that God is one as all religions say so and Quran recognizes one lakh forty thousand prophets like Hazrat Mohammad (pboh.)He is the last of the series. While IESA, Mousa and many others are named may be Ram, Krishna etc are among those not mentioned. If only we all call them Dewtas prophets and not Gods we as Muslims have no problem to respect and recognize them. Even Vedas as reported by philosophers like Vivekananda and Mahatma GOD IS BRUMA AND GOD IS ONE AND ONLY ONE. This is exactly what ISLAM the religion of peace prophesises that there is no God but God. Even MAHTMA GANDHI says in the truth the same and says the word god is the transformation of Vedas by Britishers and white. Here we enumerate a few events of massacre of Kashmir by Indian occupation forces. 1. october, 1949. A group of armed Sikhs and Hindus was sent by Sadar Patel to KASHMIR. They forced Hindu Maharajah to fled Kashmir .He left Kashmir when airport road was captured by Indian occupation forces They entered kashmir much earlier than Kashmiri Tribal's and forced Maharajah to move to Jammu paving way for the release of SHEIK ABDULLAH from Jail.Shiek was for independent kashmir and Raja was for annexure to Pakistan with his title of Raja and privileges intact. Thus the treaty so echoed by Indian occupational forces does not exit at all. I have cleared it in my articles on London plan on these pages earlier. Thus by killing a few officials of Srinagar airport Indian occupational forces forced their illegal enter into Kashmir much earlier than the Tribal drama enacted in conjunction with frontier Gandhi and his tribesmen.Shiek was tempted by lust, indendence dream and much more and he accepted the temporary accession to India and was promised plebe cite under UNO resolution in 1947-49.When in 1952 he insisted and saw through the game of Indians on his popular decision land to tiller. It was this favourable decision of Abdulla which made him dear to peasants of kashmir but a blemish to the Hindu landowners of kashmir. It was this class who enacted his arrest as elected popular prime minister of independent kashmir. This on slot on the democratically elected leadership of Kashmir was the full-fledged occupation of kashmir by Indians which gave birth to plebiscite call and movement by kashmir The SHEIK was jailed for 22 years and since then all popular leaders of kashmir has been jailed by Indian forces. A short list can be shown as follows. 1. Mr, shiek m Abdullah and his companions Mr BEG, SOFI AKBAR AND THOUSANDS OTHER were captured and jailed for 22 years. Some of them like SOFI M AKABAR were in Jail for half a century in Toto. 2. Mr sober ahmed shah has been jailed from 1989 continuously and is in an arrested state even today. He has completed more than 30 years in l Indian jail now. Where is the Indian judiciary sleeping? Many of his colleagues still linger in jails. They number millions in Toto .The age group ranges from 12-22 at the time of arrest. Many o them have been killed in custody. All the present leaders of independent kashmir like hamid sheik, ISHFAQ MAJEED, Gh qadir wani, Moulana MOHD FAROOQ, QAZI NISAR, Dr GURU, DR GH QADIR SOFI, MR AB RAHIM DAR AND THOUSANDS others were killed under custody by Indian forces.The massacre continues .ARMED struggle was changed to peaceful movement but still unarmed innoscent young youth protesting against Indian occupation, under non-violence gentian movement, peacefully are killed by bullets. HALF OF THE YOUTH OF KASHMIR ARE EITHER JAILED, KILLED OR HUMILATED.The whole population of 55 lakhs of kashmir are under house arrest and not allowed to offer prayers THE SICK, OLD AND EVEN DEAD NOT ALLOWES MEDICINE, HOSPITALIZATION OR BRUIAL RESPECTIVELY. The whole kashmir from east to west and north to south is under siege by Indian occupational army and yet no action from so called civilized world. If the kashmir youth and old like me now resort to violent means of neta ji subash to have independence should not be misinterpreted, the blame should go to Indian politician and rulers and not us. WARNING Time is not far when the youth of kashmir may resort to armed struggle in and around Indian states from where its occupational army comes. Once the mob of 100 lakhs become unruly around India who has all neighbours eying on the day. India is the only unfortunate country ruled by a mafia comprising of criminals, corrupt, molesters and jailed prisoners as their MPS, CMS, PMS, AND MINSITERS.SHAME GAME IS AN EXAMPLE. The dooms day of India is approaching via Kashmir blood of innocents.

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Indian colonial face in Kashmir

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This article was published on 2010/09/25
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